We help develop custom software solutions that fit your business.

Area of Expertise

Web-based systems

These days, everyone wants to operate their business through a web browser. We are specialists in developing web applications for companies that need an internet solution to run their business.

The smart way to handle day-to-day business

Web-based systems simply require users to have a web browser on their computer, no other end-user installation is needed. Updates are done in one place only — on the server — and everyone gets the benefit of the latest features straightaway. Hosting can be in the cloud, or in the business.

Engaging Alchemy to design and build a web-based system for your business means that you get exactly what you need, not what an off-the-shelf product restricts you to.

Getting to the heart of the problem.

It all begins with your requirements. We start by working with your business to discover what you need, why you need it, and when you need it by.

We will engage with stakeholders at all levels in the business, visit your premises, interview staff and talk to them about how best to carry out their work online. We'll capture requirements but we won't write big documents. Instead we'll write requirements in simple English “ user stories”, prototype the workflow with online screen mockups, and then work with you to prioritise the order in which the stories get done.

For larger projects, we may suggest an initial engagement to capture requirements and work on the proof-of-concept, from which a detailed project plan and budget can be established.

As the software project progresses, we'll make interim releases for review and feedback, and also do formal releases for testing. The system is built in a series of iterations of work, so it grows incrementally into the final solution. At all steps along the way we'll be looking for input from the stakeholders, so by the time it is all finished, everyone has ownership.

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Case Study - Airline



Collaborative Arrivals Manager

A multiple-award winning online application that interacts with an air traffic control system to improve the management flight arrival times, reduce delays, save fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

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Case Study - Tourism



Web Portal

A sophisticated, multi-faceted web application that integrated booking and ski pass systems together so that customers could order their passes online and get an overview of their activity on the mountains, all in one place.

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Case Study - Legal



Practice Management Systems

OneLaw is a comprehensive management and accounting systems for legal practices and law firms. Although it may not be web-based, it's a good example of how Alchemy approaches systems that deal with day-to-day business management.

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