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Reports, Analysis Integration

Untapped information can lead to surprising insights and improvements in business efficiency. Alchemy can build reporting and analysis systems that turn raw data into useful, accessible results and give users powerful ways to dig deeper into the data themselves.

Stay ahead of the curve.

Well-designed reporting and analysis enables a business to be up-to-date on the status of KPIs, spot trends and identify emerging issues. Timeliness of reporting is vital, and a good system will have processes that ensure report data is updated as soon as practical.

Web-based reporting solutions mean reports can be accessed from anywhere. Report digests can also be scheduled to be automatically generated and emailed to users, ensuring the right information gets to the decision makers even when they're too busy to look up the information for themselves.

We understand your business first.

The key to good reporting and business intelligence is understanding what the reports will be used for. We want to know not just what should be on a report, but also who will be receiving it, and why they need it. We'll want to understand the questions that a report is intended to answer. Often we find that what's initially asked for isn't what's truly needed, so we will probe into how the information on a report gets used within the context of business goals.

We also take the time to understand the flexibility of the reports, the ideal times it should take for specific sets of data to be most effectively utilized, and what delivery mechanisms are needed. There's a lot to think about in reporting and analysis, much of it not immediately apparent. Getting it right is vital. We'll guide you through the process, and help develop a solution that stands the test of time and delivers effective results.

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Case Study - Radio Communications

Tait Communications

Tait Communications

High Availability Reporting System

A web application built on high availablity architecture that tapped into a radio communications network's data, helping improve network performance analysisa.

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Case Study - Retail

SuperValue & FreshChoice Supermarkets


Sales Reporting and Website Content Management

A suite of tools for a franchise network, comprising a sales reporting system, an intranet, and content management systems for two public websites.

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