Mobile Integration

The uptake of smartphones and tablets in business is a hot topic, and we can help you navigate the mobile minefield. Alchemy offers a clear-headed, strategic view on mobility solutions, as well as the necessary software development expertise needed to successfully execute the right solution.

The future is mobile.

Mobile technology has opened a raft of new opportunities for business. Real time delivery of information to the device in your pocket, elimination of paper forms “in-the-field”, and the efficiency of data entry when on the move are all examples of how businesses are using mobile technology to add value and reduce overheads.

A strategic approach.

It's not just about apps. Internet-connected smartphones and tablets offer many opportunities for solutions delivered via web browser, too. Our methodology will lead you through a carefully considered approach to mobility — one which properly takes into account all the surrounding circumstances and one that results in a long-lasting and well-integrated solution.

We take into account integration points for the mobile solution with existing information systems, the physical environment in which the mobile solution will be used, and future plans as well as immediate needs. This leads us to the best solution, which isn't always an app.

We can work with web, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile solutions — we'll guide you to decide the best strategy for your mobile system.

Case studies

Environmental Services Treetech Mobile Workforce Solution

iPad and web-based software to help Treetech keep track of the thousands of trees they help maintain for major clients such as city councils.