Web Content Management Systems

With a content management system (CMS), you can keep your website's content up-to-date without needing to involve website developers or technical staff.

Changing the text, photos, and layout of your website can be simpler than you think. With straight-forward, visual editors, even quite complex website changes can be made by anyone in your organization.

More advanced CMSs allow for control of sophisticated, modern website features: online shopping, intranets — even social networking.

Here at Alchemy, we recommend and routinely use the Kentico Content Management System, a fully featured professional CMS used in over 15,000 sites in 87 countries.

Kentico Certified Partner logo
Alchemy is a Kentico Certified Partner.

Kentico CMS goes beyond content management and provides a complete customer experience management platform. Kentico allows you to create on-line forms, run e-mail campaigns, sell products on-line, build customer communities and intranets, engage your visitors and more.

Kentico's key features include:

Alchemy can implement a range of Kentico solutions for you, from simple websites and e-commerce stores to corporate intranets and online marketing websites — or combinations thereof.

Alchemy also specialises in providing customised Kentico solutions that extend the base functionality to get the most out of your website. Need a dashboard that displays sales data from your store? How about a company-wide calendar that integrates with Outlook?

By combining easy-to-use Kentico CMS features with custom-built functionality, Alchemy can deliver solutions that fit your needs exactly, whether it's drawing data from existing systems, dispatching orders to warehouses, or just improving your company's workflow.

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