Mobile Workforce Solution

iPad and web-based software to help Treetech keep track of the thousands of trees they help maintain for major clients such as city councils.


Treetech performs specialist tree maintenance jobs for councils, government departments, businesses and individuals.

As their business grew, various systems and processes were introduced for managing these jobs. It became harder to keep track of jobs, involved time-consuming paperwork, spreadsheets and the use of an outdated PDA-based management system. To make things more complicated, Treetech's council contracts required that data be shared and integrated with council IT systems.

Treetech recognised they could streamline their workflow and gain a competitive advantage if they created a single purpose-built system that could be used for all their jobs. That's where Alchemy entered the picture.

How we solved it


Designing for the job at hand

As Alchemy looked at the problem, it became clear that what was needed was two interfaces — one for administration and reporting at the office, and one for staff out working in the field.

The staff are equipped with fast, 3G mobile internet-enabled iPads and an intuitive interface designed around working out in the field. At a glance, staff can see nearby trees displayed on a map and efficiently update job and survey data on the go.

Back at the office, managers can see in real time the status of jobs across a city, and can manage contracts and jobs from a high-level perspective, all in one place.

Each interface was designed to fit the specific business and workflow needs of the user to optimise efficiency.

Under the hood

Alchemy designed and built the system as an ASP.Net web application on top of a relational database.

The system imports geospatial data from GIS systems and displays this information along with job-related data on a Google Map. Users can view, update and add data such as details of work done and tree survey measurements using the application.

The system effortlessly gathers the specific information required by the relevant contracts, allowing reports to be easily created and shared with clients.

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Treetech has been successfully using the system since 2012. The real-time nature of the system allows greater visibility on progress, which results in better scheduling of resources and timely reporting to customers. Treetech's efficiency has improved and their specialist treecare business has a competitive edge.