Tait Communications

High Availability Reporting System

A web application built on high availablity architecture that tapped into a radio communications network's data, helping improve network performance analysis.


Tait Communications needed a web application that could be used be used as the core part of a managed service to be delivered into its customer, a major telecommunications provider.

The web application had to provide end-users with the ability to report on the usage, grade of service and SLAs for the radio networks involved, as well as providing end-user administration features and a supporting document management system.

A particularly important feature required was the ability to automatically email out reports to external users, according to a maintainable schedule.

A valuable tool for the network operations staff was the addition of Google map integration. Operators can view radio site location, radio coverage and incident status data on a map page developed specifically for their needs.

In order to get the data for reporting, the system required the ability to import call data records from the radio network. The system also had to be highly available, with very little downtime permitted.

How we solved it


From a technology standpoint, the web application for reporting was built in Java with a MySQL relational database. A custom data replication process was made to import data from the radio network into the reporting system database. The high availability aspect of the system was delivered by an architecture of redundant servers running Red Hat Linux clustering. This enables the system to remain operational even in the event of failure of one of the servers.

The development processes used an iterative method, delivering functionality in a staged approach, with internal releases every few weeks. Each release candidate went through a series of review points with the customer. At key points in the project, Tait engineers worked alongside the development team at the Alchemy premises, testing and reviewing the software in its early stages as well as during acceptance testing.

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“Alchemy has proved its flexibility, capability and skills in working on several Tait projects at once, each in different project stages.” Doug Findlay, Tait Communications

The system is successfully in production and is used daily by Tait's telecommunication customer. It is a vital tool in assisting them to manage their Tait radio network effectively.

This project was such a success that Alchemy has done further work with Tait. Alchemy has developed another web-based reporting system, as a module of a new Tait product line. It is being deployed into multiple locations around the world.