SuperValue & FreshChoice Supermarkets

Sales Reporting and Website Content Management

A suite of tools for a franchise network, comprising a sales reporting system, an intranet, and content management systems for two public websites.


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The SuperValue and FreshChoice franchise network comprises many supermarkets throughout New Zealand. Both brands are managed by WDL, the franchise owner (and a division of Woolworths NZ).

WDL's problem was keeping information up-to-date across the various supermarkets throughout the country. They needed ways to:

  • collate sales information from every supermarket
  • send out individual sales reports to each supermarket
  • produce aggregated reports on the KPIs of the whole franchise network for the management team
  • make procedures and policies easily accessible to franchisees.

In addition, a means for managing content on the SuperValue and FreshChoice public websites was needed, including using data about weekly “special deals” sourced from the print production process.

How we solved it


We broke the solution down into a series of discrete projects, each completed and released before the next began. This reduced risk and meant that we could manage changes effectively as they were introduced.

The reporting system

The reporting system was developed using Microsoft's reporting services. Users are managed with role-based access control, allowing each user to view and interact with only what they need, based on their role within the organisation.

A user's role determines which features they have access to, such as sales data management, user management, and appropriate reports such as statistics on an individual store's performance or comparative analysis between similar stores.

Intranet and Websites

SuperValue Home Page

With the reporting system in-place, an intranet was set up using the Kentico content management system. It was integrated with the reporting system so users can access procedures, policies and company news as well as sales reports.

The Kentico CMS was also used to implement the public websites for SuperValue and FreshChoice. The CMS was customised to import data from the print production process. This involved importing XML data from the Adobe InDesign application.

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The reporting system has made significant cost savings over the spreadsheet-oriented system that preceded it. Automated validation of sales data on entry has helped produce much more accurate results, and the sales analyses are now distributed in a timely manner — it's been a great success.

The intranet and public web site solutions using the Kentico CMS have enabled timely and efficient distribution of information around the franchise network. The close integration between print and web production processes has eliminated duplicate work and helps make sure the strict weekly publishing deadlines are met on time.

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