Practice Management Systems

Two systems for the legal industry: a comprehensive management and accounting system, and a suite of email and document productivity tools. The systems form the core of the OneLaw's comprehensive software suite for legal practices and law firms.


OneLaw wanted to create an industry-leading practice management system that would appeal to their key target audience – law firm partners, trust accountants and practice managers. The software needed to be robust, user-friendly, and capable of managing day-to-day legal practice activity.

Alchemy was chosen for the job because of their extensive experience in practice management systems that track time, jobs, documents, and email to ensure the business operates efficiently.

How we solved it


A OnePractice matter

Alchemy developed two modules for the OneLaw product lineup: OnePractice, a practice management system for legal firms; and OneDesktop, a suite of email and document management productivity tools.

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Both modules considerably enhance the productivity of a law firm. With OnePractice and OneDesktop, client information is better organised and more readily accessible. Relevant client correspondence, activity, and time-tracking are captured efficiently. The firm stays up-to-date and invoicing is a snap.

It was important to make sure that the software was properly designed for the legal industry. Our business analysts worked closely with representatives from several law firms and the NZ Law Society to ensure the finished product exceeded the expectations of users.

Using an agile development approach, new iterations of the software were released every two weeks. This allowed for us to incorporate user feedback very quickly.

The system was built utilising the latest Microsoft WPF technologies, and the interface was cleverly designed to mimic the look and behaviour of Microsoft Outlook, email software which the users were already familiar with. The final system was easier to use as a result, and requires less training for new employees.

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Legal practices and law firms have been successfully using OnePractice and OneDesktop to manage and improve their day-to-day activities. Customers have been drawn to the OneLaw suite for its comprehensive functionality and straightforward workflow.