Collaborative Arrivals Manager (CAM)

A multiple-award winning online application that interacts with an air traffic control system to improve the management flight arrival times, reduce delays, save fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions.


In the airline industry, every efficiency matters. Airways wanted to improve the management of aircraft flight arrival times, and in doing so reduce in-air delays, save fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

They envisioned a system that could automatically apply algorithms to reduce delays in flight arrival times, and allow manual intervention by operators as well.

The system had to exchange data with the air traffic management system and display flight data on up to 300 screens in many locations around the country.

A high-availability solution was required, with redundancy, monitoring and automated failover for reliability and robustness.

How we solved it


The Alchemy team worked closely with the Airways software engineers.

Alchemy's responsibility was the online tool, while the Airways team provided an interface for the tool to pass data to-and-from the air traffic management system.

Frequent interactions with the Airways engineers plus an iterative approach to prototyping the user interface resulted in the tool being easy to integrate into the Airways system, and easy for flight controllers to use.

Managers meeting at the Airways office Meeting at the Airways office.

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This system has changed the whole operating environment of domestic passenger flights in New Zealand. Airborne delays have been dramatically reduced, and airlines have saved over $29.5m in fuel costs and over 60 million kilograms of CO2 emissions.

The system won two national industry IT awards.