Who we are

A group of like minded individuals with varying experiences to help you build, maintain or extend software to your needs.

Our Process

Building a business information system is a complex task. We use an agile methodology that breaks down the complexity into simple steps.

Client involvement is critical to project success. Our best projects are those where the client has been closely engaged throughout.

This begins with clearly establishing the goals for the project with stakeholders and capturing requirements, while recognising and expecting that they will change.

Our approach involves:

  • Capturing requirements — Both functional (what it can do) and non-functional (usability, performance, scalability, etc.) aspects of the project.
  • Risk reduction — tackling the areas with highest risk first.
  • Iterations and releases — prototyping and building the system in small increments.
  • Involving stakeholders — on-going sessions with lots of feedback and input.
  • Managing change — using processes to adapt to requirements that change along the way.
  • On-going support — help, support and maintenance that continues for the long term.

This adds up to a way of doing projects that results in delivering what is needed, marrying our experience in solving many software technology problems with our customer's business knowledge.

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